Is less really more?

Lately, when it comes to listing your experience in a resume,  I’ve had so many people tell me they’ve been told to take out the bulk of their resume, because they’ve been told that no one will read it and they won’t get a look in. I suppose it’s true to an extent, we don’t want to read an 18 page resume for only the last 5 years of work. BUT… when do you get to the point where you’ve cut out so much out of it that there’s nothing left in it to sell yourself? You’d be surprised at the amount of extremely capable professionals, that are in high demand, that ONLY list the first 3 below…. That’s pretty much gambling from an employers perspective. Give us more! Less is NOT more when it comes to your employment history. Also more is not 18 pages of fluff.  That’s probably why you didn’t get a look in. The fluff…

Simple must haves:

1 – Dates of employment – Months and Years

2 – Company

3 – Job Title

Next step must haves:

4 – 5 bullet points of KEY responsibilities and duties, That RELATE to the job you’re applying to.

  • This means you’ll have to change it depending upon the requirement listed in each job ad.
  • No this is not the fluffy stuff, this is the key directives of your job.
  • Not – ‘computer tasks or doing what my boss asks’
  • EG – Consolidate data into Program A from Program B.

5 – 3 bullet points of your MEASUREABLE achievements.

  • This means SMART (like the SMART goals).
  • Things that can be proven with specific figures.
  • Improvement % can be deceiving dependant upon what the before figure was. It’s best to put 2 figures so its a achievement FROM A to B
  • EG – Increasing profit result from 5% to 75%

Now do this for each job and you actually have valid information the prospective employer will be looking for when they glance at your resume. AND it won’t be 18 pages long, I can guarantee it.

There IS more to this whole resume writing thing, like KEY WORDS and tailoring your resume to each specific job you apply for. Would you be interested in email updates about information like this?


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